Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yay Preference pictures haha!

the whole group, ok we totally look amazing in our mafia\gangster hats
just the two of us

my date...with bree's hand in the way

the pic i attempted to take of the three besties lol

haha classic evan looks like a dork(what else is new) and being DENIED by melissa lol

Me and Bree makin faces
and more faces

me and my bestest friend haha
me and my date while we were all waiting for pizza...idk what im doin'

way way funny pic of melissa, at the time she was like "i have to take pics like this(hence the face) so you can get a pic of me with my eyes open"

Preference was March 6 and we just got our pictures back today! Melissa, Bree, and I bought these sweet hats before we found out that the dance was going to be formal. But we decided heck we're seniors, lets do whatever the heck we want, and thats the stories behind our mafia hats haha. My date was Tyrell Harrison AKA Trigger lol. In our group picture he pretty much summed up the face he's pulling by telling me he was growling! It was so much fun! Oh and for our date we went bowling and ate pizza at the Pizza Hut place.

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