Monday, March 29, 2010


WOW so I haven't posted anything since august, that's like what 9 months?!?!?!? Woah, talk about major slacking! Anyway, since August I have been a very busy girl. I finished my first semester at Snow and passed with flying colors (no grades lower then a B-) and started on my second semester, which will now be over in about 5 weeks!! Next fall I plan on going to SLCC to further my education then transfer to Utah State in another year-year and a half. I'm so excited! Let's see I also have a job now at IFA in Riverton, and am working on training to be a vet's assistant. Um...what else...after two years of single life I had a boyfriend for a few months....that didn't turn out too well, the kid turned out to be a real creep and he broke my heart...I've gotten over it now (didn't take me too long haha). I consider it a real blessing that I found out how he was before anything happened to me. I'm glad my family let me know they're feelings, it helped guide my decision to end it and to start to heal. I'm doing good now, hopefully I have things all figured out. I've learned alot being out on my own. I'm thankful for alot of things in my life that made me who I am...all the hardships, all the life lessons...they all made me who I am today, and after alot of thinking I have decided I am thankful for EVERYTHING! I am happy to be me!...LIFE IS GOOD! REMEMBER TO LET WHO YOU ARE SHINE THROUGH BECAUSE WHO KNOWS, SOMEONE MIGHT LIKE YOU JUST FOR WHO YOU ARE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm an Official College Kid!!!

If you want to see more pics just let me know!!!!

We have to share two bathrooms (not the best part)

This is our kitchen (we have two fridges!)

We also have two couches and a TV in the front room!!

And this is my half of the bedroom. Im a clean freak so the bathroom I use and my bedroom are usually spotless (don't let the unmade bed fool you) You can see all my pics on the wall and my sociology homework that i love doing!!!( weird Child that I am, I love doing my homework, thats a new development however cuz i've always hated homework til now)

So i have been super busy the last couple weeks...and well one of the many things i have been up to is moving to Ephraim, Utah where I am going to Snow College to start my schooling to be a large animal veterinarian or an equine specialist! Well I moved into my apartment on the 14th of August and met all my roomates: Cheerston, Heather, Laura, Ali, Latoya, and Nina. I share a room with heather and get along the best with her and Ali. I love my classes well all except my english 1010 class, but I have Sociology, Interpersonal Communications, Ag. Careers, English, and First Aid. I have institute first thing (7:30 AM) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And Holy Cats Though!!! Books are so expensive I spent $200 on four books and i still have 1 left to get but I have to wait until i get another $50 stinkin bucks to buy it! Oh and the first time I went grocery shopping i about had a heart attack!!! I need a job....desperatly partly cuz i need something to do with my down time and i am very very POOR (i joke about being your typical college student, I live for free food and i walk EVERYWHERE!!! ) But did i mention how much I completely love it!!! just in case I haven't I LOVE BEING IN COLLEGE!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ward Campout!

So i went on a camp out last night with Patsy, my mom, brothers, and bestest friend Ms. Sadiee Bown haha. On the way up and back sadiee and i kept everyone entertained with our singing skills and on the way home the boys attempted to join in to the surprise and hysteric laughter of everyone in the car! My brothers, Sadiee, and i went scaling the mountain and had to send all the little kids back that tried to follow us. I tried to lead us back down the mountain by running down it ( i didn't even fall on my face!!!) and i ended up leading us to this swamp that we had to go trecking my guide skills arent the greatest...(they didnt have to follow me!!) anyway it was way fun and we all loved every second!!! Sure the pucs are ridiculous but we had fun lol

Blonde hair and blue eyes= all natural me!!!

I went back to my naturally blonde hair color... just figured i'd let everyone know!!! I like it tons and now i'm a blonde haired blue eyed yeah skip the beauty part but i do have blonde hair now to go with my blue eyes!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Relief!!!....and Stress!!!!

Well I haven't posted anything on here in a long time.... not that my life is that exciting so really you're not missing out on alot. However this last week has been absolutely crazy like none other!!!

First of all we had the rodeo last Friday and Saturday.... I was stressed out about the drill and hoped like heck that we could pull it off cuz we had issues right until the day of! That went over well but i had problems with two people on the drill team. We had to call a special meeting and do all this crap and i was so mad all it was all i could do to keep my mouth shut and sit there... and boy was i shaking!!! I dont get mad all that easy so for me to be that mad....yeah it was a BAAAAD day! So i'm sooooo glad the rodeo is over and i dont have to worry about it anymore.

Last night the tire on my car popped...there was a nail in it and now i have to find a way to scrape some money together to probably buy a new tire ( and if anything else is broken i'll have to pay for that too) ... not to mention buying lamb feed every week at $17 a bag and making payments on the car, payments for an apartment, and payments on the $350 of repairs I had to do to the car because it had alignment problems. I don't know how in the world i'm going to work this out but i just have to...its all a part of life...and I dont like it but i'll deal with it.

Heck to make a bright point about all that dull payments and money issues stuff.... at least its helping me get ready for the real world, i mean welcome to the rest of my life right? might as well get started now haha!

Friday, June 12, 2009

HMMM summer boredom

OK so its only the second week of summer and i'm pretty much ready for it to be over. I am the Drill Team Captain for the riding club and so far it has been a very stressful experience. I have been working on a new horse for one which is fun and a little frustrating at the same time as he doesn't know practically anything compared to my old mare. Then there are issues with a girl on the team and I'm about ready to kick her off!!
Lets see.... state contests start on monday which should be pretty fun although i kinda dont want to go cuz melissa cant go now and everyone is going to be off doing their own thing, but i cant let the horse judging team down (even though they'd probably do ok without me) so i'll still go.
What else? Oh theres this kid austin works with, his name is Daniel and he is an awesome person lol. I've only talked to him a few times and already he thinks I'm pretty and told Austin he thought my eyes were amazingly gorgeous....Wow haha i feel so special.... i know I'm completely a dork, but it's been a while since a guy has liked me so i feel special leave me alone ;) anywho I had nothing else to do so i posted this nice little update so ya'll can see how things are goin!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Senior Lockup


I yelled her name and took the pic at the same time mwhaha

Courty walkin through the gym

OK so after graduation was senior lock up. This is where they take all the kids that graduated and throw this big shindig to keep everyone out from doing the not so good partying thing. Well i totally think it was worth it cuz i got lots and lots of free stuff!!! I got free gas and free gift cards to the grocery store and free dinner for two to El Mex' and denny's. I'd say i did pretty dang good lol!