Friday, March 27, 2009


This is bryndee...Ah! I have no pics of Brystyn!
And this is my kaprooklyn.... or the new one! AH!

Ah I'm so excited for the next month or two! I get to go do barnyard friends for FFA which is one of my favorite FFA activities. I get to go do Deseret Peak Judging contests... which because I did so bad at the first judging contest I have to beat almost every person going next friday so i can go judge horses at state in June. I'm super excited for spring break too! Cuz you wanna know what I get to do? I get to go to my aunt and uncle's house for four whole days! I get to see my favoritest girls in the whole world... and I'm not just saying that cuz I know they'll read this either IT'S SO TRUE I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE EXCITED I CAN BARELY WAIT THAT LONG!!!! Oh and I turn 18 in 10 days!!!! Ah i'll be so old! Let's see what else... State FFA Convention is in what two weeks.... I have to study all of this stuff for a test and get ready for interviews and stuff for being a state officer! I hope I get it cuz it would be amazing, and I may or may not try out for a national officer I haven't decided, but i think you have to be a state officer before you can be a national one... And then in May guess what exciting thing happens!? I graduate from North Sevier High School...kinda sad but very exciting too! And that is why there is all sorts of excitement in my life!

One time at my dad's....

Garrett an' Cody...who knows what they're doin
Oh look at those attractive faces

Wow its one of the only pics you'll ever have of me with $


Ah... a few weeks ago my brothers and i went to my dad's and we took alot of pictures. The little girl is my baby sis, Emily the little boy is my little bro Cody then theres Garrett, and maybe Austin. Theres another boy his names Tyler but i don't think he was home when we were taking pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My senior pictures!

Horse Ridin' Gear

My mom's fav....I think I look depressed :(

One of my favs!

Princess in a Prom Dress HaHa

OK so i absolutely adore my senior pics, I'm gonna be a little big headed here and tell you: I think i look amazing in like all of them! Plus these are for my Aunt Jen, and Uncle Moe and all my cute little cousins brookelyn, brystyn, bryndee, and brylee...I have no idea if i spelled all of your names right ladies but I'm super excited to come see you guys in what is it two weeks!? Hope you're all as excited as I am!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A little about me

Well I am Lauren haha and i'm officially 17! My original hair color is blonde but after 17 years as a blonde i was ready for change its brown and i like it!!!! There really is no specific color for my eyes though...they change whenever they want. I love to have fun and mess around with people its so fun, I love being crazy!!! There are some things i regret, but im gonna try to do everything from now on so i dont have to put up with any more regrets. On our 2008-2009 FFA Oficer team i'm the secretary! When i grow up i want to be a large animal vet, live on a farm with horses, cows, chickens, you know the whole farm thing haha! This year when I go to State FFA Convention I'm running for a state officer position!!!!Wish me Luck I really hope I get it cuz I love talking to people and being a leader!

Friday, March 20, 2009

wow...marvel at the newness...

this is my first ever post! exciting is it not???!!! not really im not entirely sure of what im doing just yet but i'll get the hang of it eventually!!!!... I hope at least.