Friday, June 12, 2009

HMMM summer boredom

OK so its only the second week of summer and i'm pretty much ready for it to be over. I am the Drill Team Captain for the riding club and so far it has been a very stressful experience. I have been working on a new horse for one which is fun and a little frustrating at the same time as he doesn't know practically anything compared to my old mare. Then there are issues with a girl on the team and I'm about ready to kick her off!!
Lets see.... state contests start on monday which should be pretty fun although i kinda dont want to go cuz melissa cant go now and everyone is going to be off doing their own thing, but i cant let the horse judging team down (even though they'd probably do ok without me) so i'll still go.
What else? Oh theres this kid austin works with, his name is Daniel and he is an awesome person lol. I've only talked to him a few times and already he thinks I'm pretty and told Austin he thought my eyes were amazingly gorgeous....Wow haha i feel so special.... i know I'm completely a dork, but it's been a while since a guy has liked me so i feel special leave me alone ;) anywho I had nothing else to do so i posted this nice little update so ya'll can see how things are goin!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Senior Lockup


I yelled her name and took the pic at the same time mwhaha

Courty walkin through the gym

OK so after graduation was senior lock up. This is where they take all the kids that graduated and throw this big shindig to keep everyone out from doing the not so good partying thing. Well i totally think it was worth it cuz i got lots and lots of free stuff!!! I got free gas and free gift cards to the grocery store and free dinner for two to El Mex' and denny's. I'd say i did pretty dang good lol!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hoss and I
My mom's parents

My mom and dad

My lil sis emily

My dorky brothers

all of our shoes!

all of us being dorky haha

OK so its been like two weeks since graduation and i'm finally posting this. Sorry we had no internet for the last two weeks and it has most definetely screwed up my schedule ( like signing up for college classes.) But now our internet is back up and running so i can get everything back on schedule. But back to graduation.... It was ok i guess. I didn't cry which was extremely surprising. Usually you know people say you feel kind of sad to be moving on but i'm really just excited to start on this new adventure!