Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter fun

Bryndee's egg findin face
Brystyn's "I'm to excited to stand still long enough for a picture" pose.

Kaprooklyn lookin for easter eggs. She's old enough to hang with the big kids, then young enough to get free candy!

That's Trevor coming up with some shot for our HORSE game

Garrett failing miserably at basketball

On the way over Brystyn took our beatiful pictures

This is wide eyed Baby Brylee herself!

Today we went over to my cousin's family's house ( you still followin?) and we had an egg hunt for all the younger kids. We had hamburgers the size of basketballs and lots of candy ( not like we needed more of that stuff!) The older kids went out and played some basketball and I helped hide the eggs for the kids. Then it was "Let em' loose!!!" and all the kids went racing in all directions hunting for our cleverly disguised eggs.

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