Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well I didn't make state officer for FFA :( It's a little sad, but at the same time I had so much fun running and met alot of new people! I got to do one interview Thursday then four on Friday. I packed four pairs of clothes... never most of them! I spent almost the whole time in official dress (FFA Jacket, skirt, high heels, nylons, scarf, white shirt) The only times i ever changed I can count on one hand! I changed into a swimming suit the first night and my pajamas, t-shirt and jeans for the dance and pajamas the second night, and that was it! But like I said I had tons of fun. The Nom. Com. people said they absolutely loved me but just didn't think I could do a state office. That's ok though cuz now that I think about it...I have a ton of stuff going on and this way I can concentrate on what is really important. Like paying for college, getting signed up for classes, working on the drill for the rodeo, starting on my show lambs so they will be ready for the show, possibly finding a full time job for the summer. So yeah convention was super fun and i don't regret running for state office, I have grown soooooo much from the experience!

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