Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senior Trip too....Lagoon!

oooooh we're all so serious....cept emily

kiss, kiss, kiss.... oh baby lol

Melissa jinxed us all!!!what is this eyes closed nonsense!!!

My wonderful friend Ms. Emily!!

Courty lookin like a frog (see that tongue)

Melissa and I with our flowers we stole from lagoon parking lot!

The three of us on the bus!

Did i mention i love makin faces ;P


Ok thats breeanna, emily, and courty in the mini circus...their kinda giants

ok so yesterday... we went to lagoon. It was fun for the first half of the day then.... not so much. The most fun I had was when we were leaving and we stole our flowers using a pocket knife bree had in her purse!!!! but still it was our senior trip and we had fun taking pics and running around lagoon! I love all my friends and will be so sad when we all graduate and go our own seperate ways. I graduate for North Sevier High School tommorrow!!! WAY TO GO CLASS OF 09'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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