Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hoss and I
My mom's parents

My mom and dad

My lil sis emily

My dorky brothers

all of our shoes!

all of us being dorky haha

OK so its been like two weeks since graduation and i'm finally posting this. Sorry we had no internet for the last two weeks and it has most definetely screwed up my schedule ( like signing up for college classes.) But now our internet is back up and running so i can get everything back on schedule. But back to graduation.... It was ok i guess. I didn't cry which was extremely surprising. Usually you know people say you feel kind of sad to be moving on but i'm really just excited to start on this new adventure!

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  1. Congratulations sweetheart! We are so proud of you! best of luck with school this fall and try and have some fun this summer!

    We love you!!
    Uncle Richard & Aunt Ang :)