Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm an Official College Kid!!!

If you want to see more pics just let me know!!!!

We have to share two bathrooms (not the best part)

This is our kitchen (we have two fridges!)

We also have two couches and a TV in the front room!!

And this is my half of the bedroom. Im a clean freak so the bathroom I use and my bedroom are usually spotless (don't let the unmade bed fool you) You can see all my pics on the wall and my sociology homework that i love doing!!!( weird Child that I am, I love doing my homework, thats a new development however cuz i've always hated homework til now)

So i have been super busy the last couple weeks...and well one of the many things i have been up to is moving to Ephraim, Utah where I am going to Snow College to start my schooling to be a large animal veterinarian or an equine specialist! Well I moved into my apartment on the 14th of August and met all my roomates: Cheerston, Heather, Laura, Ali, Latoya, and Nina. I share a room with heather and get along the best with her and Ali. I love my classes well all except my english 1010 class, but I have Sociology, Interpersonal Communications, Ag. Careers, English, and First Aid. I have institute first thing (7:30 AM) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And Holy Cats Though!!! Books are so expensive I spent $200 on four books and i still have 1 left to get but I have to wait until i get another $50 stinkin bucks to buy it! Oh and the first time I went grocery shopping i about had a heart attack!!! I need a job....desperatly partly cuz i need something to do with my down time and i am very very POOR (i joke about being your typical college student, I live for free food and i walk EVERYWHERE!!! ) But did i mention how much I completely love it!!! just in case I haven't I LOVE BEING IN COLLEGE!!!!

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  1. Hey Lauren, your blog is way cute. I didn't know you had one. If ya get bored you can check out mine at tandi37.blogspot.com. Anyways, how's school goin for ya?