Friday, July 10, 2009

Relief!!!....and Stress!!!!

Well I haven't posted anything on here in a long time.... not that my life is that exciting so really you're not missing out on alot. However this last week has been absolutely crazy like none other!!!

First of all we had the rodeo last Friday and Saturday.... I was stressed out about the drill and hoped like heck that we could pull it off cuz we had issues right until the day of! That went over well but i had problems with two people on the drill team. We had to call a special meeting and do all this crap and i was so mad all it was all i could do to keep my mouth shut and sit there... and boy was i shaking!!! I dont get mad all that easy so for me to be that mad....yeah it was a BAAAAD day! So i'm sooooo glad the rodeo is over and i dont have to worry about it anymore.

Last night the tire on my car popped...there was a nail in it and now i have to find a way to scrape some money together to probably buy a new tire ( and if anything else is broken i'll have to pay for that too) ... not to mention buying lamb feed every week at $17 a bag and making payments on the car, payments for an apartment, and payments on the $350 of repairs I had to do to the car because it had alignment problems. I don't know how in the world i'm going to work this out but i just have to...its all a part of life...and I dont like it but i'll deal with it.

Heck to make a bright point about all that dull payments and money issues stuff.... at least its helping me get ready for the real world, i mean welcome to the rest of my life right? might as well get started now haha!

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