Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ward Campout!

So i went on a camp out last night with Patsy, my mom, brothers, and bestest friend Ms. Sadiee Bown haha. On the way up and back sadiee and i kept everyone entertained with our singing skills and on the way home the boys attempted to join in to the surprise and hysteric laughter of everyone in the car! My brothers, Sadiee, and i went scaling the mountain and had to send all the little kids back that tried to follow us. I tried to lead us back down the mountain by running down it ( i didn't even fall on my face!!!) and i ended up leading us to this swamp that we had to go trecking my guide skills arent the greatest...(they didnt have to follow me!!) anyway it was way fun and we all loved every second!!! Sure the pucs are ridiculous but we had fun lol

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